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Cutting edge Designs you're ONE STOP Specialists in Precision Trade Signs

One of the main parts of our business is signage we provide a trade signage service to all local and national companies, we can produce any type of sign from large to small one off jobs to multiply batch productions, with over 23 years in sign making and manufacture to the trade we have seen and made pretty much everything you can think of but we are always looking for the next challenge, so if you're looking for a trade sign producer

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That's easy here are some points that make us no.1

  • 23 years in sign manufacture CNC  & CAD work.

  • High quality work at sensible prices

  • Next day delivery with express production 

  • Large range of materials or you can supply your own

  • Fast, friendly, and experienced service 

  • Free advice if needed

  • Backup Service for other CNC owners

  • state of art CNC Routers

  • Strictly Trade Only

  • All work is fully confidential

  • All our work is guaranteed

  • Full Cad Design service

  • Digital Printing

  • Acrylic fabriaction

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Signage we typically make

  • Cut letters ( flat cut carved engraved )

  • Folded Sign trays

  • Carved signage

  • Engraved signs

  • Built up letters and logos

  • Totoem signs

  • lightboxes

  • Wooden signs

  • House signs

  • Projection signs

  • Sign frame working

  • Printed signs

  • Print and cut to shape signs

  • Vinyl lettering

  • Fully assembly or component form



we offer a vast range of flat cut lettering in a large amount of different materials given you endless possibilities, we are able to achieve a wide range of finishes with the highest degree of quality in a costly and time saving manor


The most common used materials for flat cut letters are acrylic,polycarbonate, Foamex, aluminium composite, aluminium, brass, copper,MDF, and plywood plus some types of hardwood we can basically machine any other material of your choice if needed


Most meterials come in large range of thickness, finishes and effects as standard, From gold stainless steel effect to powder coated metal and polished bevelled acrylic, we do it all in house to the highest standards, we can create new innovate effects by Appling layers of different materials to each other to create a unique visual impression on your customer


All flat cut letters come with range of fixing methods fitted in our factory ready for installation, the 4 most common types would be the standoff sign locators, long pin fixings , double side tape and direct glue to surface all methods have good and bad points just depends on your applications (please ring for advice if needed on this)


All letters requirs a template (fixing / drilling guide) to help you position the letters correctly, we make 2 main types a simply paper layout with drill hole positions pre fixed from the design stage (which means all letters are per marked on their back when machined the reason for this is we have the drill hole positions saved on file so if a letter gets broke or stolen we can replace it without you needing to redrill new fixing holes simply pop it back on). We also make a rigid remples which is very hand for small letters being applied direct to the surface.


  • Flat cut

  • Carved letters (prismatic )

  • Engraved letters

  • Built up letters

  • Inlayed letters

  • 3d carved letters

  • Recessed letters

  • Vinyl cut letters



We make our letters and logos primarily from acrylic, dibond and aluminium which come in a wide range of thicknesses and finishes. From brushed silver to powder coated or colors matched sprayed with either choice of matt, semi-gloss or gloss, the possibilities are endless


We have been manufacturing and supplying 3D built up lettering & logos for many years now and have a high level of expertise & experience in building these complex letters.


We are constantly innovating our products and production techniques to provide the very latest products to meet customer visions. From innovative ideas to building prototypes, we work hard to create products for you to make your customers stand out on the high streets.


there are a few fixing methods that can be applied to built up letters just depends on the applications of the letters and their position on the wall, The main 2 types are back plates which mounts to the wall then the letter is screwed to it and standard long studs which work the same as sign locators. Simply ask one of our sales team for advice on this matter as it is a very important factor to get right first time

Need a Built up Letters ?



As well as the standard letters and built up letters we also manufacture a variety of carved 3d lettering this can range from letters with a chamfered edge to radiuses edges, we can recess or engrave parts of the letters tohighlight certain areas but themost popular would be the prismatic cut or triangle shaped letter this is where the letter is machined into a central point shown various angles ideally suited for gold leaf as it reflects the sun to make the letters standard out , this type of lettering is very popular and has been around since the 14th century so it has passed the test of time

Trade Signage Service


We can machine a range of different materials for our carved letters from MDF Foam PVC and Signblock all have their own good points and bad just depends on the application and size of the sign in question if you need any advice simply give us a call to discuss your requirements

Trade Signage Service


Another favourite type of signage panel is the v-carved sign mainly used for shop fascia and projection signs, This type of sign has been very popular over the years and rightly so if done correct it is a beautiful piece of signage that will last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance the origins of this type of sign pre dates the 14th century so you know it passes the test of time

Trade Signage Service


We take a piece typically 19mm foam and v carved or engrave into the panel to form the shape of the letters and logo, once the panel is machined it is then spray to the desired background colors, after the main colour is laid down and dried we mask of the panel leaving the machined lettering to make it stand out, the most popular colors and traditional colours would be the gloss black background with gold leaf lettering, simply nothing more beautiful than this combination which always makes people stop and admire it especially the gold leaf as it really pops in the sun light

Need a Carved Panels or Carved Letters ?



One of the most common services sign companies require is for basic fabricated aluminum and dibond sign trays, we can machine the trays in component form for you to fabricate depending your budget or we can fully form the panels and leave them just ready for you to apply your graphics, whether you need them powder coated or sprayed we have the means to supply you with what you need. 


We also supply stencil cut trays, manufactured as above with detail routered cut out of the face of the tray. We then back these areas with coloured acrylic. For illumination we can supply them with aluminium back trays or dibond back trays with fluorescent tubes or leds, This technique allows the light to come through the stencil cut areas only, making it's face illuminate in a very effective manner

folded- illumated-signs

Need a Sign Trays ?


We can then take the sign a step further by adding inlays into cut areas to give the sign some texture/3D effect, and with bevelled edges and stainless steel faces we can create unlimited effects.

For a more creative look we can make shaped trays where we cut and build up shapes to create bespoke fabricated tray systems, giving customers a totally unique product. We also mirror and replicate the process to create back to back or double-sided sign systems which can be mounted on post or projecting bracket

Need a Inlayed Trays ?



Another populer source of revenue is the typical engraved sign, plaque or name plate a lot of our trade customers do not take this type of work on because they do not have the means to produce these items well fear no more we can do this to, we engrave a large range of different marerials from stainless steel to brass to aluminium to plastic to wood you we have engraved it at some stage

The beauty of and engrave sign is that it will never fade due to the nature of it you are remove a small amoun of material leaving a recessed area in the shape of a letter or logo this area can then be left as is showing the machined out area or colour filled with various types of paint and waxes, Simply email us your requirement and we can take it from there