One of the main parts of our business is signage we provide a trade signage service to all local and nationally companies , we can produce any type of sign from large to small one off jobs to multiply batch productions , with over 23 years in sign making and manufacture to the trade we have seen and made pretty much everything but we are always looking for the next challenge.

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Signage we typically make

  • Cut letters ( flat cut carved engraved )

  • Folded Sign trays

  • Carved signage

  • Engraved signs

  • Built up letters and logos

  • Totoem signs

  • lightboxes

  • Wooden signs

  • House signs

  • Projection signs

  • Sign frame working

  • Printed signs

  • Print and cut to shape signs

  • Vinyl lettering

  • Fully assembly or component form


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Cut letters

We machine all types of letters from basic flat cut to carved and recessed letters for leds, With over 20+ years CNC machining all types materials,  letter fonts and letter styles we have the experience and skills to produce any type of letter you may require , with cut letters you have a massive range of materials from acrylics , composites ,foams, woods to metals whatever material or finish you choose cutting edge designs can supply everything you need , with our cnc routers and cnc lasers we can produce letters as small as 5mm right up to 3m in size , need a solid fixing method we can help with that too, locators with a drill plan is the normal procedure for most signs ,  high strength d/side tape is also a top choice simply tells us what the letters are for and where they are going and we will advise on the best fixture


Cut letters we can supply:

  • Flat cut

  • Carved letters (prismatic )

  • Engraved letters

  • Built up letters

  • Inlayed letters

  • 3d carved letters

  • Recessed letters

  • Vinyl cut letters

Folded Sign trays

Folded panels are a very popular sign choice and something we make all the time , Our Folded panel signs are normally made from either Aluminium or Aluminium composite both have the good and bad points just depends on your budget , location and specifications, Our design team is on hand to help advise on the best choice of material for your job , With Folded Panels they can be cnc machined out with letters and logos to create a fret cut box the beauty about these is we can then install leds and acrylic to illuminate the sign this is a very effective and is one of the most popular signs about just walk down any high street and you will see them everywhere

Good Points about folded panel signs

  • Any size available ( joined panels )

  • Any colour ( can be sprayed to specific colour )

  • Can be fret cut with your letters and logo

  • Can be a cost-effective sign

  • Very effective especially illumated

  • Long lasting

  • Can be formed into different shapes


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Carved Signage

We produce various carvings for signage, typically its either a craved out panels or carved induvial letters (see images below of each ) , in the trade we refer to this a prismatic cut (2.5d) panels or letters we can also do full 3d carving of models and shapes to create something very special and unique, Carved signs are normally made from PVC foam for durability in outdoor applications as well as the PVC we can provide wood and other materials if required , All our carved signage start of on the computer then transfer to the CNC machines for initial manufacture , most carved signs require additional hand finishing especially on complex 3d models luckily at cutting edge design we have a highly skilled team of craftsman that can complete the skilled work to the highest degree


If you have any questions or would like a sign of this type made

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Engraved Signs

Engraved signs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes plus a large variety of materials most typical application would be plaques for walls , with our cnc machines we can cut and engrave most materials so we can produce almost any type of engraved sign. With an engraved sign the material is removed to leave a recess in the surface of that material this means it will fade after time unlike an printed sign and if looked after correctly will last for a very long time.  Once the material has been cut away you typically fill the area in with a contrasting colour to help highlight the text or logo this can be done with various methods most common would be colour filled with paint or ink

Some Materials we engrave

  • Stainless steel

  • Brass

  • Copper

  • Plastics

  • Foams

  • Carbon fibre


Built up channel letters and logos

When it comes to quality nothing beats built up

or channel letters , these letters


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