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All your CNC routing needs taken care off

At Cutting Edge Designs, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best service possible from our high-quality cnc routing service to our signage and printing services are work is second to none. With our professional design team and the quality of our workmanship we aim to exceed your expectations every time. Take a look at our projects and our galleries

for more details about our services and recent work 

Based in Newry, we serve clients in the UK and Ireland. 

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File formats

2d Projects

Most jobs we CNC cut come from basic 2d drawings which are perfect , Our preferred file type for this is A.I it’s a cleaner and smoother line than typically DXF , DWG file types,  here is a list of file types in ascending order which we use on a daily basis.

Download a sample from our free 2d cad files below

  1. A.I ( abode illustrator )

  2. PDF ( vector outlined )

  3. EPS ( abode illustrator )

  4. DXF ( Autocad )

  5. DWG (Autocad )

3d Projects

3d jobs are more complex than simple 2d drawings as a 3d design is made up by small triangles these triangles create the surfaces in your 3d model the more triangles in the model the better and smoother the surfaces normally are , however the more triangles in a 3d model the bigger the file size we have seen 3d models over 1gb in size, A lot of times this stops them from been emailed as there are just too big in that case a dropbox , google drive or some other online storage service can be used for us to download larger 3d files , again here is a list of 3d files we use

  1. Stl

  2. 3ds

  3. Iges

  4. Rlf

  5. Step

Don’t worry if you don’t see the file type you commonly use we can pretty much convert any file type just send us what you have and we can help sort the file out for you and if all else fails we can use our cad design service below to get one made up 

Need a cad file designed ?

Just send any drawings or sketches with as much info as possible  we will get the design team to create a file for you ,  make sure you add your contact number the design team will more than likely need to have a chat with you to confirm things

Benefits of a Cutting Edge Design Cad file

  • No hassle or headache for you

  • Perfectly smooth fully joined vectors

  • Arc`s and radiuses in 1 single polyline ( very important not broken lines like autocad )

  • Machine ready files ( no clean up needed)

  • Full copy and ownership to you

  • Fully condieftal

  • Can be supplied in various file types

  • All files are archieved for safe storage 

  • We can even send g-code for machining if needed



2D Cad Files


Celtic knots and crosses


Road signs

basic shape oultines.jpg

Basic shape oultines

shape outlines.jpg

Shape outlines

shutterstock_726590983 [Converted].jpg

Vintage car signs


3D Cad Files

bady yoda.jpg

Baby yoda

evil head.JPG

Devil head


Mickey mouse

3d wall panel.jpg

Wall panel

We can nest or arrange your parts on sheets using our software, giving the most efficient use of the material 

You can also do this yourself by hand or by 3rd party software see links below for nesting software , for quoting we prefer you to have the nesting done or have a fair idea of the number of sheets required for you job this allows us to quickly get a price back to you.

Nesting images

Download sample nest file in folder ( 3 types a.i , dxf , pdf )

If you nest your project yourself, please leave a 7 -10mm  gap between parts and a 5mm around the edge of the sheet.

Typically sheets sizes in wood

1. 1220x2440mm      2. 1220x3000mm      3.1500x3000mm      4. 2000x3000mm



Round CNC router cutters leave small radius's on internal corners as the tool cannot go passed the internal point  , these can get in the way if a square part is to be inserted. Radius's can be removed by hand or bone bog fillets can be added, see image below.


If you can not add these bog bone fillets we can apply them to your parts for you , all you are doing is added some circles to the corners of the inside female part then merging them with the inside vector or just leave them there we can sort them out for you

Corner fillets



Nesting  ( google free nesting software lots to choose from )

Here is a links to some of cad software that we use

2D Graphics -signage- printing

Graphics type style software are the best for simple 2d cad drawings , they normally produce sharper cleaner vectors than autocad styled software

Cad based 2d – 3d architect – engineering

There are loads of 2d-3d cad software out there here are the top 4 in our view – good for building a product in 3d to see fitting and final assembly etc

Good software for converting a 3d model to 2d flat sheets, must good 3d software have this opton anyway

3d – 2d flat model

3D models into 3d slices

123d make is a great bit of software from Autodesk , it allows you to slice a 3d model into layers and nest them into sheets , brilliant bit of software to make sliced models in any scale


We appreciate your interest in Cutting Edge Designs, please write to us or

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