CNC Routering Service

Cutting Edge Designs offers an unrivalled High Quality High Precision CNC Routeing Service to both clients large and small across Ireland and the UK throughout all industries Offering simple or complex shaping, profiling, cutting, engraving and routing on a wide range of sheet and block materials, we are able to carry out one off productions or large batch runs.

We have a variety of Fully Digital High Precision CNC routers with various sized beds. Our largest bed is 3m x2m which enables our clients to have multiply sheet or panels on the bed simultaneously or we can easily fit oversized large panels such as 5m composite Aluminium clad grade, solid surface and mdf jumbo sheets. With our fleet of State of the Art CNC routers all are machines come with fully automatic tool changers, HSD 10kw ceramic spindles , fully digital controls and precision digital servo drives on precision ground ball and lead screws all of which makes the quality and speed of our components far superior to less machines ( rack and pinnon ) with this increase in quality cutting and speed we can offer faster cutting times with higher quality cutting,

Increased production with better finishes not only saves time later in the production of your components but also save the most important thing cost, with Cutting Edge Designs we actively think of you we always try to save you money in the manufacturing of your parts so having the right CNC equipment is absolutely essential a lot of our competitors use cheaper quality machines which do not offer the same level of quality as our state of the art Digital CNC Routers do , Cutting Edge Design has a dedicated design team ready and willing to accept existing files some of which listed here but we can work with most files just send what you have (DXF, DWG, AI ,PDF, 3d , ) we can assist you with any part of your project or we can run the entire project from start to finish saving you a lot of time and head ache simple tell us what you need or would like done and we will sort it not a problem With such a large range and experience in materials we have sourced machined nearly every material you can think of some of which is listed below as an example

WOODS: MDF , Plywoods , laminates, MFC, Hardwoods, Softwoods, Flooring,

PLASTICS: Acrylics, Polycarbonate, PVC ,Nylon, Acetal, ABS

METALS: Aluminium, Stainless, Copper, Brass, Composites

OTHERS Carbon fiber, Cork, Rubber, Solid Surface , Glass fiber