We were asked to manufacture the new signage letters for the Guinness brewery in central Dublin,  the letters where approx 2 meters high and the harp logo was about 3 meters in height,

The letter spec

All the letters and logo had to have face illumination as well as a halo back light with the letters being so big this meant we had to use two set of leds one for the face illumination and one set for the halo light , the face of the letters had to be 5mm opal acrylic , the side return was powder coated aluminium the central structural core plate was modified 10mm foam with a rear 3mm opal diffuser

The Build .

The building of the these letters took some time due to the spec and overall size we had to make sure they would be strong enough not to break or fall of the wall , with the letters being so big and heavy  we needed to add a lot of internal support to the letters


Once we received the final drawings from the sign company we checked the vector file to ensure they where to scale and the outlines where smooth and ready for machining , before we could start the machining process we need to design and mark the side returns , internal support areas and rear fixing points, as we needed to have a central core to illuminate the face and the rear halo we used this as the main weight bearing area of the sign and was essentially the main fixing point of the letters so it needed to be design right , once we had everything designed in  and checked we could start the machining process


We started with the faces we used 5mm opal and machined them on our large 3 x 2 meter CNC router once all the faces had been cut we move onto the side returns , the returns where cut from pre-powder coated sheet which the sign company  provided , we machined the returns to 250mm height we recessed areas in them for the central core and for internal weight bearing brackets, once we finished machining the side returns we started to build up the letters after we joined all the faces to the returns we added all the internal support brackets to hold the central core , we then machined the central core from 10mm foamex testing fitting them as we went along we needed a good tight fit as this would spread the weight around the letter and help take the pressure of the internal brackets , after the core was fitted and fully secured to the side return we added the main wall fixing which where m12 threaded bars, the last job we had to do was cut and fit the diffusers for the halo light this is just to stop any spotting of the leds we used 3mm opal for this which sat just inside the return, the sign company fitted there own leds for this job , just like to say thanks to Ascot signs for this job it was a nice project to work on


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